"NunnBetterRefs": a referee program whose purpose is to identify and develop officials of all levels and to display the overlapping officiating commonalities found in High school, College and Pro officiating by improving an official's effectiveness with decision-making, performance skill-sets, communications and game management as they service their client base of players and coaches.

Our Focus Points:

  • to instruct and identify officials currently assigned to the North American Premier Basketball (NAPB), and to identify prospective officials for future positions with the NAPB.
  • to examine historic and current officiating trends while employing cutting edge features that distinguish art from science, capture contact criteria, and clarify conflicting philosophies that inhibit your development.

Instructional Program:

Presentations: Led by Ronnie Nunn, whose experience involves training and developing officials on professional and amateur levels from both national and international organizations. He is assisted by experienced clinicians and speakers who launch from: IAABO, NCAA (M+W), NBA, WNBA, NAPB, PRO-AM.

Agenda: Includes "Classroom and On-Floor" preparations for the competitive tournament beginning Friday through Sunday. An expanded agenda will be presented to you upon your arrival to the Camp Hotel !

Some Officiating Topics:

"7" Ethics? ... Politics ? ... Myths v. Truths? ... Art v. Science? ... Game Management? ... Rules of Engagement? ...

Verbal v. Non-Verbal Interactions? ... "7" Concept Contacts? ... Nunn's 9 ? ... Walking the Tightrope? ...

Officiating Pressures? ...The 3 P's and JR? ... Blended Mechanics ? ... Historical vs. Current Philosophies? ...