Hello to All ... (Sept. 24, 2020)

We know that all of you are missing the joy of refereeing at all levels!

Teaching Camps like ours have been suspended along with the upcoming basketball season almost everywhere especially if COVID hangs around invading people's bodies and killing so many others regardless of age.

Please stay in touch with us via our Twitter account @NunnBetterRefs, BBallbreakdown.com & at email, Ronnie@NunnBetterRefs.com

We respond to many of the current NBA games and calls / non-calls that become questionable that may need responses and ongoing guidance to officials.

Meanwhile, attending try-out camps are good to do though it may not include much teaching. The TBL is entertaining some innovative competitions and tryouts that will help your visibility to become on the TBL roster.

It will also measure your abilities at this juncture in your work - I expect to be in attendance at some of these camps and competitions if the enviroments and travels to those venues are safe.

Stay in touch and I miss working with you to improve your abilities to the best you can be!

Ronnie Nunn and NBR Staff



Unfortunately, due to the Corona Virus major impact throughout the USA and beyond, we have decided to CANCEL BOTH EAST and WEST CAMPS THIS JUNE 2020 for the safe and well-being of our referees.

Ronnie Nunn and NBR Staff

To All NBR participants and future candidate and prospective campers:

2020 NunnBetterRefs Camps



  • NBR Camp EAST: June 4, 7pm (Evening) ...June 7 ( Evening) ... Long Island, NY, USA

Men's Tournament

  • NBR Camp WEST: June 11, 7pm (Evening) ...June 14 (Evening)...Palm Springs, CA, USA

Men's Tournament


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        • Identifies, Prepares, Develops, Trains, Scouts & Recommends referees wishing to pursue higher performance levels in officiating.

NBR Training Results:

    • FACT: ... More and more of our camp officials have been invited to particpate in venues at higher levels this past season.

    • FACT: ... According to scouts and admin feedback, other officials displayed greater maturity in their performances.

NBR Focus Points:

  • To mold officials to become successful candidates at Pro & Amateur Basketball levels of the:

NBA / NBA Grassroots / G-League ... NCAA D-III's, D-II's, D-I's, Euroleague, Australia NBL Pro, Canada, FIBA Eurobasket, The Basketball League (TBL) other pro venues.

Presentations: Led by Ronnie Nunn, the former NBA Director of Officials, 19 year NBA Referee, and NBA Finals Referee whose experience and leadership in the training & developing of professional and amateur officials has been his mainstay throughout his career.

Ronnie is assisted by experienced NBR Clinicians & guest speakers from varied officiating organizations

Camp Referee Uniform:

    • Shoes - (Black)

    • Shirt - (Black and White Stripe)

    • Pants - (Long: Black or Dark Blue)

    • Socks - (Black)


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