We are getting ready for a great 2019 Summer of NunnBetterRefs Training & Development Camp!

Los Angeles, CA., USA: June 14,15,16 !!!

Springfield, MA, USA: Hall of Fame, July, TBA !!!

NunnBetterRefs: a referee program whose purpose is to identify and develop officials of all levels and to analyze the officiating commonalities found in High School, College, International and Pro basketball while improving an official's decision-making in all facets of their officiating performance.

NBR Results:

We are excited to announce that several of our camp participant officials have been invited to and have been participating in venues at each level this season, (some for the first time) while others are displaying a greater maturity in their performances according to feedback that has come from supervisors and scouts concerning the monitoring of our NBR participants.

Don't rely on these early upticks to your work to satisfy you. You aren't finished! - We look forward to your return to guide and to polish you further.

Our Focus Points:

  • To prepare, identify & train officials with the ambition to become viable and successful in the Pro & Amateur Basketball venues of: HS Varsities, FIBA, NCAA, Euroleague, NBL Australia, Canada, TBL, NBA Grassroots, G-League, & the NBA!
  • To establish a solid officiating foundation that can elevate your abilities when auditioning and participation in such leagues.
  • To present you as a distinguishable official in a highly professional and personal manner in comparison to others who vie for the same officiating openings.
  • To teach and examine historic and current officiating trends so as to grasps the numerous nuances for becoming effective and desired.
  • To employ cutting edge features that distinguish art from science, fouling contact criteria, proper comportment and remove conflicting philosophies that inhibit development.

Instructional Program:

Presentations: Led by Ronnie Nunn, whose experience involves training and developing officials on professional and amateur levels from both national and international organizations. Ronnie is assisted by experienced speakers & clinicians who launch from: IAABO, NCAA (M+W), FIBA, NBA, WNBA, TBL, PRO-AM.

Agenda: Includes "Classroom, On-Floor" preparation and Feedback for officiating in a competitive tournament. An agenda will be presented upon arrival to camp.

Topics for discussion:

  • Travel Confusions? ... Tech Foul Issuances? ...Player/Coach/Official Interactions? ...
        • Reducing Judgment Errors? .... Memorizing Nunn's 9 ? ...
  • What are The Officiating 3 P's & JR? ... Do you know the "7" Concept Contacts?...
        • What entails Game Mgmt? ... Rules of Engagement? ...
  • What builds Courage and Conviction? ...Do you walk the Officiating Tightrope? ...
        • What are the Myths vs. Truths in officiating?...How to be Desired & Believed?
  • Can you distinguish Art from Science in Officiating?
        • How do you infuse Blend Mechanics that work everywhere world-wide?
  • What works in Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Communications?
        • What are your Officiating Pressures ?
  • What are the Historical vs. Current Officiating Philosophies and which ones are applicable in Today's officiating practices ?
  • How to adapt and succeed with the varied supervisors of National / International organizations that continually search for effective, forthright, trusted officials?

2018 NunnBetterRefs Camps (East) and (West)

      • See following pages of pics from past summer camps: East and West!