Basketball Super League  (BSL) 

Referees interested in officiating Pro Basketball

Officials interested in officiating pro-basketball games with the Basketball Super League (BSL) of Canada and who especially reside close to its border in like, Michigan, Ohio, New York, etc. are encouraged to contact Ronnie Nunn: email:

If you are a TBL Official, you "may"  have the opportunity to work these games based on your ability and participation at an NBR Camp or at a ProactiveOfficiating Camp. 

Ronnie Nunn ... NBR Camp Tryouts / Confirmations to work:...TBD

Paul Carter    ... ProactiveOfficiating Camp Tryouts to work:  ... Feb 2024

This NBR site will inform you of camp dates/ fees for any of the camps run by NBR or PAO. 

Those accepted in the BSL games (with some games stateside)  against TBL Teams, will be required to register for the "NBR Training Initiative". 

If you work the TBL, you are strongly advised to register for the Training Intiative as well. 

The "daily" developmental material will be shared ONLY with registered BSL, TBL & NBR Officials!

Our "Traiing Initiative" Registration fee is $35 for the season. 

Payment is by Venmo: ...  @ronnie-nunn-1

Payment is by PayPal: ...

Payment by Check:  ... ...  Ronnie Nunn Enterprises, LLC., PO Box 2782, Danbury

Please alert others that are interested in officiaitng in the BSL or TBL. 


Ronnie Nunn

Please fill out the Registration from below



Past Season's Tryout Combine Camp