To All NBR participants and future candidate and prospective campers:

I am wishing all those I've been able to know, including others who have been long time friends and associates and finally all those I've been to share the wonderful world of basketball with to have a most wonderful and blessed holiday season!

We are getting ready for the 2019 NunnBetterRefs Developmental / Training/ Scouting Camp!

Tentatively : NBR Camp West: June 13 - 16 ... Los Angeles, CA., USA

Tentatively: NBR Camp East May 23-24 ... Rhode Island or Hamden CT., USA

NunnBetterRefs: a referee program whose purpose is to identify, scout and develop officials of all levels that includes analyzing the officiating commonalities found in High School, College, International and Pro basketball while improving an official's decision-making in all facets of officiating performance.

Camp Referee Uniform:

    • Shoes - (Black)
    • Shirt - (Black and White Stripe)
    • Pants - (Long: Black or Dark Blue)
    • Socks - (Black)

NBR Results:

We are excited to announce that several of our camp participant officials have improved, been invited to and have been participating in venues at each level this season, (some for the first time). Others displayed maturity in their performances according to scouts and Admin feedback

Congrats to all on your notable growth !

On our end, this 1st season of the TBL has had some ongoing struggles but we are already projecting a more definitive program for next season where focus on officiating will be its highest priority!

Meanwhile, don't rely on these early upticks to your work to satisfy you. You aren't finished!

We look forward to those of you returning, those starting anew with us and those who have climbed upward but must definitely learn further as your auditions continue.

NBR Focus Points:

  • To prepare, identify & train officials with the ambition to become viable and successful in the Pro & Amateur Basketball venues of: HS Varsities, NCAA, Euroleague, NBL Australia, Canada, FIBA, TBL, NBA Grassroots, G-League, & the NBA!
  • To establish a solid officiating foundation that can elevate your abilities for auditioning and participating in such leagues.
  • To present you as a distinguishable official in a highly professional and personal manner in comparison to others who vie for the same officiating openings.
  • To teach and examine historic and current officiating trends so you can grasp the varied nuances to become an official who's more effective and desired.
  • To employ cutting edge features that distinguish art from science, fouling contact criteria, proper comportment and remove conflicting philosophies that inhibit one's development.

Instructional Program:

Presentations: Led by Ronnie Nunn, whose experience involves training and developing officials on professional and amateur levels from both national and international organizations. Ronnie is assisted by experienced speakers/ clinicians launching from: IAABO, NCAA (M+W), FIBA, NBA, WNBA, TBL, PRO-AM.

Agenda: Includes "Classroom Interactive Learning & Instruction, On-Floor" Preparation and Feedback while officiating in a competitive tournament. Agenda to be presented upon arrival to camp.

      • Classroom attendance:
          • It is critical that you attempt to arrive a day early to attend our initial classroom instruction. It prepares you for upcoming games.
          • These sessions make a difference in your officiating development going forward for camp and beyond.

*************************************************************************************** Various Topics for discussion:

Decision - Making on Fouls and Violations:

      • Grasping the "7" Concept Contacts? Recognizing Nunn's 9 Fouling Tendencies ?
                  • Traveling Call Confusions? ... Reducing Judgment Errors?
      • Identifying On-Ball vs. OffBall Coverage Points: ... (3 P's & a J) + (3 P's and an R)
              • What is Marginal Contact? How is it distinguished from the "cry of foul"!


      • How can you excel in the Mechanics system that is currently used in your league?
              • How to optimize your Position Adjustments in Trail, Lead, Center (Slot)
                • When, Why, How & What plays alert you to Lead Rotation needs?
                  • Where are Trail's located today and What other responsibilites have they?
                    • How to mechanically work effectively in the USA & anywhere world-wide?

Game Management:

      • Identifying the Foundations for Game Mgmt and Methodologies for Rules of Engagement
            • Tech Foul Issuances? ... ... Player/Coach/Official Interactions ?
                    • Incorporating effective Verbal vs. Non-Verbal Response Messaging !

Controversials & Solutions:

      • What are the Historical vs. Current Officiating Philosophies of the day?
        • What officiating practices apply today & what can no longer be applied from yesterday?
          • What are the Myths vs. Truths in officiating?
            • What are the distinguishing factors of Art and Science in Basketball Officiating?
              • What comments from coaches are valuable & what comments are manipulative?
                • What is the criteria for so-called "consistency" & how is it accomplished ?
                  • What plays are believed not to be whistled vs. being whistled at game's end?

Assignments, Advancements & Promotions:

      • How do you rise in value in officiating regardless of the system?
        • What specific criteria do you need for advancing within your system & going beyond it?
          • How do you overcome the so-called "Old Boys Network"?
            • How do you "step-by" others vs. thinking you must "step-on" others to advance?
              • What is the experience, skill & expectancy level of your current work?
                • Are you ahead of your snow skiis and falling behind instead of moving ahead

Crew Chief:

    • How do you become a Crew Chief?
      • What are the included "check-offs" for candidacy in becoming a Crew Chief
        • What can demote you from the position and what can maintain you in the position?

Personal & Professional Presence, Comportment:

    • What are your aspirations as this time?
      • Where are you in your Growth and Development?
        • How to succeed in leagues & supervisors of National / International organizations?
          • What Supervisors look for & identify in their search for quality Officials?
            • What builds Courage and Conviction? ... Do you "Walk the Officiating Tightrope?"
              • What are your Officiating Pressures and how can you to decrease them ?
                • How do you become Desired & Believed?
                  • What separates you from other officials vying for similar positions as you?
                    • How to advance by"stepping-by" people instead of "stepping-on" people?

  • What are "YOUR" questions that need answers for you to climb & reach your goals?


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