nunn better refs Camp




Camp Fee Payment Methods

Pay by:

(1) Bank Check, Money Order to:

Ronnie Nunn Enterprises, LLC

NBRefs Camp

PO Box 2782 Danbury CT 06813


(2) ... Venmo:


Hotels and Meetings ... see below:

Hotels : TBA

  • We will be exploring a base NBR hotel for the Camp

  • Hotel and other info updates will be found on the Website.

  • "Double-up" for savings.

  • You are welcome to stay anywhere that meets your needs.

Air Travel Arrivals / Departures:

Distant Travelers:


  • LAX Arpt ... or Ontario, CA Arpt, ... or John Wayne , CA., Arpt,

  • International, USA. Airline, Ground Travelers:

      • Expect to arrive evening of Thurs: June 11 , 7pm

      • Depart late afternoon: Sun. (late afternoon 6/14) or Mon. (6/15)

  • Hotel Location(s) TBA

  • Ground Travel ... TBA

We will be examining ground travel info for you based on:

  • Car, Bus, Train, Uber, Taxis, Car rentals, etc., from Airport , Train, and Bus locations searching for the most cost effective travel ways to arrive at our hotel or directly to the Gym

  • Please check for best ground travel that suits your personal needs and costs for a timely arrival.

REMEMBER : Updates on all the above are being negotiated and will be shared with you via the Website:

*** Thanks for your ongoing patience