"With all that he has experienced, Ronnie Nunn has the innate ability to teach the basics and to also apply the advanced techniques in officiating."

... Dick Bavetta

Retired NBA Referee - Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Class of 2015, Ocala, Florida, USA


“The NunnBetter Referee Camp is the most organized, efficient and results orientated camp in the officiating world. Ronnie Nunn has vast experience and unique skills, to teach, train and develop officials to their fullest potential. Attendees will have fun, meet dedicated, experienced clinicians while developing their many officiating skills. Upon completion, Ronnie Nunn will be a mentor for life to all attendees. I highly recommend the NunnBetter Referee Camp”.

... Ron Foxcroft

Former NBA Referee Observer, former NCAA RefereeSweet16 , 1976 Olympic Gold Medal Referee,

CEO & Founder Fox 40 International Inc. Ontario, Canada


"As a female official, NunnBetterRefs has helped me focus on areas I needed to improve - post play, secondary defenders, rebounding match-ups. It's a program that's suitable for experienced and learning officials in the states as well as internationally. Ronnie and his staff provided the right tips, tools and techniques for play positioning, game management and employing appropriate and timely assertiveness leading me to get out of my comfort zone and explore further boundaries, I had previously set for myself in working men's games.

... Selcan Rowles

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper, International Referee London, England


“Having attended, organized, developed and run officiating programs for 25 years as the Ivy League's coordinator of basketball officiating, I found that Ronnie Nunn’s hands on instructional approach to teaching the nuances of officiating the game are exemplary!”

... Dr. Ed Meier

Former NCAA Director of the Ivy league New Jersey, USA


“I have just been assigned to the Boy’s Provincial All Ontario Championship Tournament. Without the training I received from Ronnie Nunn at his camp, this honor would never have come my way"

... Bradley Spera

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper, IAABO Referee Hamilton, Canada


Starting as a naive official, I've come to appreciate the teachings of Ronnie Nunn throughout my officiating experiences. His approach is simplistic yet informative, witty and remains effective. His tutelage solidifies one's foundation which propels the learning process”.

... Terry Gilbert

Director of Pro-Am Referee Training and Development New York, NY., USA


"Ronnie’s teaching and observation has been invaluable in the ongoing support and development of our group of officials in the Euroleague competitions in the last few years. His lectures at our clinics are always a highlight of the weekend with great attention to the technical details required in officiating”....

... Richard Stokes

Senior Director of Officiating, Euroleague Basketball Barcelona, Spain


“Nunn Better Referee Camp is truly a next level experience. I got to meet and work with officials from all levels sharing time with FIBA officials from overseas as well”. “Beyond the amazing group dynamics of the campers, I was very impressed with the attention to each camper that was given by clinicians. From receiving videotaped feedback and instructions from clinicians who watched our games, to the post game film breakdown, I felt myself get better as each day progressed. I’m looking forward to attending next summer's NBR Camp. ...Kenneth Widgeon

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper Newark, NJ. USA


In my opinion, participating in the NunnBetterRef camp last summer was one of the best camps that I have ever been to. The best topic for me was the communication between participants. The comments on the floor during the game was more good value as every referee was made to feel comfortable with themselves. I have worked with many instructors and I owe a lot to them, but Ronnie with his style and his calm explains what's most important for good officiating. I recommend every referee at every level to attend his camp

... Gentian Cici

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper, FIBA Referee since 2003 Tirana, Albania


“Ronnie’s camp is perfect for any referee whether it’s at the high school, college or pro level. Ronnie is one of the finest teachers around as he’s able to connect with a diverse audience of varied group capabilities. At the root, Ronnie is one of the most genuine people I ever met. Not only has he been to and through the highest level of basketball but he is a smooth and effective communicator that encompasses any referee in the learning process. I thoroughly enjoyed Ron’s camp, and I’m looking forward to it again this year”

... Ajay Gonnelli

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper Hartford,CT


"The Nunn Better Basketball Officiating Camp is the Best Basketball Camp I have attended. The camp really gives you one-on-one tutelage that gives you a clear understanding on what you need to work on. The instructors are top notch and Mr. Ronnie Nunn goes above and beyond to make you feel right at home. The service and accommodations are second to none and gives you that five star feeling. I will be attended again this year. Always a great time.

... Steven Wilson Jr.

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper Boston, MA. USA


"Being a young official trying to soak up all the knowledge that is shared, I felt that this group of clinicians aided me in my development and has allowed me to step up my game to the next level. Ronnie and his staff are devoted to you as an official as well as a person.”

... Christopher Buccella

2017 NunnBetterRefs Camper, IAABO Referee Ontario, Canada


"Mr. Nunn's understanding of the referee profession is unmatched. He has the impressive ability to communicate his knowledge in a manner that is easy to comprehend at any level. He is remarkably able to transform referees into more accurate and effective officials"

... Ron Kotz (RIP)

Current NCAA Observer, former NBA Observer Toms River, NJ, USA


"Ronnie Nunn came to my attention in an invitation by the NBA (2003) to visit its preseason officiating camp. From that point as the NBA’s new Director of Officials to his role as educator and presenter to both FIBA Europe and the Euroleague, Ronnie is seen as a valued educator and presenter for officials especially in his contribution to the 3-Person Officiating Mechanics in Europe. I'd recommend his NunnBetter Refs Camp without reserve that his commitment is commensurate with the importance he places upon the development of each official"

... Alan Richardson

Former FIBA Referee, Former Referee Technical Director, Euroleague 2000-09

Former Head of Education, Training, Officiating FIBA Europe 2009-17

Current Euroleague Observer 2018 Northumberland, England


"I met Ronnie Nunn for the first time at EuroBasket 2011 in Lithuania. His experience, his knowledge and the way he transmits it all makes his lessons imprinted in my mind. After Lithuania, I had the good fortune and the great privilege to meet Ronnie, every year since, as he consulted and presented instruction for both FIBA and the Euroleague and his lessons improved me a little more each time. Ronnie eats, drinks, breathes and lives for officiating. Participating in one of his camp will be a great experience and surely improve you in the field but also in everyday life."

... Luigi Lamonica , Rome, Italy

Former FIBA EuroBasket Referee, current Euroleague Referee


"My experience at the Nunn Better Refs camp was truly an amazing experience. I got a chance to work on my craft as an official. Most importantly I received invaluable feedback that will help me as I look to officiate more advanced levels of basketball. If you are looking to learn from one of best teachers in the business, I highly suggest attending this referee camp. After all, there is 'Nunn Better'."

Jason Murray , Boston MA ... (RIP)